We love painting nearly as much as playdoh!
We made some wrapping paper for a birthday.

Easter Card

An Easter card inspired by this chook from Bed Bath N Table.
An egg topiary tree made in Photoshop.

Books - Mo Willems

Great books by Mo Willems, we love the Pigeon and Elephant & Piggie.

The cartoon style drawings have encouraged us to draw more...great stuff!

Party - Caterpillar Craft Apron

Apron for J.

At the caterpillar party we will be doing crafts and knowing most people like to wear special party clothes, I thought it would be a good idea to have aprons for all. 

I couldn't find any low priced ones, so I thought I would make simple (no lining) fabric ones, which if they got paint on them or glue etc it would add to the character of them and they could be washed and used again. 

It would have been great to try the oilcloth method to make them a bit more resistant, but we just don't have that much time to spend on these.

I am making small ones and larger ones and varying the picture and ribbon used.

This way everyone gets to take home their own apron as a gift!

Easter Crafts - 2009

Some things from last year...
The Party Tree decorated with eggs from Bed Bath N Table and my Recycled fabric Easter bunny and bird...

These are an alternative to plastic Easter egg hunt bags. Calico with little softies attached by velcro. The monkey is not quite fitting in with the easter theme, but hey we love monkeys.

These ladies are made from tea towels.

Some more easter decorating crafts.

Here I used an empty matchbox and filled with little eggs.

Some Easter drawings for cards.

Party - Caterpillar Party Outfit

Making a few things for the Caterpillar party.
For a special party hat and outfit this time we will be having a caterpillar headband (made with felt cutouts handstitched quickly in place) and a Tshirt transfer/applique (done very, very quickly & roughly)

Early Childhood Edu Pack

I went to a surplus Educational supply store to see if they had any Very hungry caterpillar items on sale and I did pick up some sticker books and some other bargains, but I found this pack for under $5 and have decided to use the flashcards individually along with the pencils in our Party Goodie bags (more on these soon). The giant sketch pad will be handy for crafts too.

House and Home books

2 great books on homes and houses.

Kids Travel Drawing Book

I made this for a birthday present.

For a lovely little girl.

I think we need another one for us.

DIY - Backyard Makeover

This is a small backyard which is mostly always covered in shade from the large native trees or the house, so needless to say this patch of grass was not healthy.
We tried to put in a shade tolerant grass, but it did not work.

So we put in a deck, which means it can be a useable space.

A couple of outdoor beanbags and you could sit with the butterflies.

Coffee and Play

This is the coffee we like to drink at home from the good old Faema! 
5 Senses Coffee - We like 24/7 - you will not find better - check them out!

This is the coffee shop the boys like to play in!