Reversible Wrap Skirt

 My first skirt! Ok it is a simple wrap skirt, but I am quite pleased with it. I just hope it fits the little girl I made it for.
 I used a few tutorials and mixed them up. This one to get the measurements/pattern made and this one for some of the sewing. 
I wanted reversible so I stitched two skirts together, which actually saves on hemming, Hooray (I don't have an overlocker).
I made the waist band ribbon from the same red fabric used on the skirt.
You could put a little pocket on the front or back or make a patchwork front panel or even applique and embroidery if you wanted.
I like these colours together for all seasons, but with some tights and a warm top it will be good for right now.
Now I have done a mini version, I can make one for myself.

Sunday at Home

 Some bike riding, cricket, golf, soccer and trains today.

Fishing with Scruffy

Scruffy is the pelican that befriended J and J today when they went fishing.
It was all happening...dolphins, pelican, snapper and herring. 

No fish large enough to bring home (the dolphins were gathering their lunch) but Scruffy the pelican, so named because of his wild hairdo, got a few nice fish for lunch.

Some scones, jam and cream for morning tea and lovely company is a recipe for a very pleasant morning.

Plum Cake from NZ

This is the first cookbook I purchased when I was 19 and living in NZ. 
It has some great ideas for all sorts of gatherings and all simple and fast to make. This plum cake is from the book, the recipe makes two cakes and you can freeze it for a rainy day. A great book for beginners and I still enjoy going back to it (many, many years down the track!). A good cookbook is one that stands the test of time. 
Annabel Langbein has a website, but I am not sure where you can get this book now.

The Radish

I like The radish. 
It is nice in salads or mixed in with yoghurt or a waldorf chicken/ mayo sandwich, however only recently I tried cooking it in a soup and stir fry. 
I was surprised, they are really nice cooked and if you don't like them raw, try cooking them, you might just like them!

Homeschool Activity Day

Today we spent a lovely day with other Distance Ed/Homeschool families doing lots of fun activities and some great Art...
We hope to have more art lessons with this Art teacher, he even comes to your good is that!

Cushion Concert

 If you are able to get to the WASO Echo cushion concerts, you will not be disappointed.
We went with friends and loved it, great music, storytelling and interaction, perfect for all ages.

 Gingerbread cookies (with white choc icing) for our picnic afterwards.

Sewing Lessons

Finally I have enrolled in a sewing class. I am learning to use patterns (rather than freewheeling!) and to make myself some clothes.
I have started with a wrap top and will make a wrap skirt also.

I whipped up a temporary sewing table and then made these striped pants for H from a spare piece of light canvas. After I found a pair of pants with the right length I made a pattern and followed this easy tutorial from Dana Made It.
I thought they would be fun.

Coffee and Jalousie

Sunday baking...

No I didn't make this puff pastry, I cheated, it is bought, however this is a lovely and quick sweet to have with coffee and maybe one day before I turn 40 I will attempt to make my own puff pastry. 
I chopped up 4 Granny Smiths, sauteed them in caster sugar and a dollop of cherry, made a frangipane (aww recipe here) with almond meal, spread the puff pastry with raspberry jam, topped with the apples then frangipane and pastry again, brushed with egg white and caster sugar and baked at 180C for 40mins. 
Result - crispy outside and soft and sweet on the inside.
Perfect with the best coffee, 5 Senses of course. 
 Today we went kite flying and bike riding and made tracks..
But the best part of the day for J was fishing, he caught 4 little fish and a dolphin swam within arms reach and flipped a fish out of the water! Yes he loved it, the best dolphin experience ever he said.

Meet the Neighbours...

 This is one of our neighbours, aren't we lucky!
 Husband and wife came to visit most of the day after the rain we had.
 We can't forget to mention our fly in/ fly out neighbours.
The best neighbours - friendly and quiet.

Calico & Ivy Tourist Drive

Today we went for a little "tourist drive" to Claremont, Cottesloe and a peek at Calico and Ivy...
Such lovely fabrics!

Lovely shopping also at The Claremont Quarter (hot chocolate at Koko Black was so hot I couldn't drink it and the boys found theirs way too strong but lovely looking chocolates!) Plenty of little shops here to keep me busy on another day.

Cottesloe beach, although a little chilly was lovely as usual and we stopped off at The Boatshed for some lunch supplies, which actually turned out to be early dinner with friends.

Next "tourist drive" (window shopping day) Subiaco!

Next Sewing Project

 I found this book and decided to give it a go, sewing clothes that is. 
There are some great skirts and tops in this book which I am going to get into.
Should really set myself a date to finish...

Just things

 I loved the shape of this mineral water bottle from NZ, so I am using it as a vase for my native branches in the bathroom, a slight hint of Eucalyptus!

Sunday Lunch - 40th Birthday Party

After having to cancel due to us all having colds, we finally had our little 40th Birthday Party today with friends and it was so lovely.
We were definitely spoilt with gifts and amazing wine-thankyou so much to everyone, you are all so very generous in so many ways.
Unfortunately I was too busy chatting to remember to take photos as usual, but got a few...

 Some wild bushes and trees I borrowed to add to the flowers for a casual country bucket arrangement and some even more beautiful ladies...

 Anglo/Asian lamb salad and slow cooked pork (yummy)...

 Ribbon Zucchini marinated with Persian Feta and toasted pine nuts.
 These would have to be the easiest cupcakes in the world...

 Yes! Mix everything together! Then decorate how you like of course.