Creating, Crafting, Christmas Time

Musical Nativity box, Pin Board Christmas Tree.
 The best Honey Mustard, blackberries as floral display.
 Traditional flourless sponge (recipe from Frankie magazine) with vanilla cream and lemon curd filling.
Cotton crochet table runner.

 Our wooden pallet easel has been transformed into a notice board/calendar.
Wooden make and paint robot fun.

Painted Plates

 The boys and I went to paint some pottery before Christmas to give as presents and I think they turned out quite nice.
Christmas with Nanny and Poppy.

The Christmas Table

 This year we are using what we have at hand to do a little decorating and that includes old ginger beer bottles, brown paper rolls and crochet cotton garland.

 I made two garlands of half circles in cotton to hang by the windows.

A little bit of Christmas

 A little branch with a bird perched amongst some twinkling lights and a star has   added a little something to our new house.

To Market to Market...

 to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables and plants for the new portable garden.
One of the things we are loving about the Sunshine Coast is the availability of fresh home grown, reasonably priced and organic produce. 
There are markets on all week long, Farmers Markets, Second Hand markets, produce markets, plant markets, craft markets, night markets etc etc. 
Everything grows well here especially our favourite fruits. I was very excited when I saw a bag of large sweet passionfruit for $2, yes we can't get enough of these sweeties and will be planting some seeds very soon.
These organic spuds and chemical free ladyfinger bananas are splendid. 
The goal is to reduce our trips to the supermarket and eat more fresh home grown food, so we have started collecting some potted herbs and plants, that we can take with us when we find a farm with our name on it.What we can't grow we are happy to buy from the markets.

We have a $5 lemon tree and a whole variety of toms along the fence.
Now I just have to remember that I have these herbs when I am cooking!

Rolling in the Grass

 Now that we have grass, the boys are enjoying sitting, rolling and even mowing it (we purchased an old style push mower and they love it).
In the morning we have breakfast with the birds, listening to all the sounds and smelling the "green air" (when there aren't bushfires).

 We have managed a light bushwalk, with the dog of course to scare off those wrigglers!

Painting Plates

This morning we painted some vases and plates. Unfortunately it was very hot and under a tin roof, however we finished what we set out to do and pick them up on Friday.


The boys have been doing quite a bit of reading lately with all the travel and driving we have been doing. They are really enjoying some of the classics...

 By J.
By H.

Things Around Us...

 We have been enjoying the wonderful things that QLD has to offer...
The lush and colourful flora, tropical fruits, sweet singing birdlife, long white beaches, balmy evenings and creatures that stop by and say Hi.

Some things we have been doing...

We have been busy trying to find somewhere to call home on the sunny Sunshine Coast and most of our time has been spent driving and looking at properties, however we have been to the beach, the markets, Ginger Factory, and Christmas Tree lighting.

 (view from the Noosa Surf Club)
 Puzzle time.

Birds In A QLD Backyard

Who Am I? I think you are a Pale Headed Rosella?
We were happy to arrive at our Holiday House on the Sunshine Coast and find an assortment of birds, including the one above, a pied butcherbird (with a lovely song), blue faced honeyeaters, magpies, a kookaburra, and a cheeky brush turkey. 
So the boys decided to make a bird feeder to help feed a family of butcherbirds nesting nearby (because the baby bird is quite persistent with his meep meeping!) 
They started grinding seeds from the trees in the backyard and collecting twigs. Then they made a hanging branch and now we attach different leftover fruit and seed and wait to see what stops by. Many do, it is lovely. 
I didn't know that the Sunshine Coast is home to about a third of all Australian Bird species!

Where Have We Been?

Can you guess?

Ok you probably have guessed now, but if not...we have travelled across the country to Sydney. Not to stay, just a transit on our way to The Sunshine Coast QLD.
We had a great time in Old Sydney Town, we stayed at Pier One, right in the historic part of the city and I would recommend it, the boys enjoyed staying next to the famous Harbour Bridge, within walking distance to Circular Quay and the Opera House. The boys counted trains going over the bridge from our Hotel room!

 The Rocks has some beautiful old buildings and quirky streets, markets, cafes, etc etc, so we spent a lot of time walking and walking and walking. We did go on a few ferries and a bus as well.

 We had a picnic in the Botanical gardens and visited Balmain, stopped and chatted to the lovely man playing the Grand Piano in DJ's and watched the old clock in the QVB building.

I managed a quick visit to The Gallery of Modern Art.)

 Sadly we missed our visit with some friends due to sickness (but we will see you all soon!) so at the last minute we decided to go to Taronga Zoo. This zoo has to have the best view of any zoo anywhere I think.

 The boys loved their first ride on a cable car and the new Dinosaur exhibit.
 However our unanimous favourite of the day was the Gorilla enclosure. We stood and watched a family interact for quite a while. How amazing they are. There was a mum with a baby and a testing older son (had to have been a boy!) a very sleepy and grumpy Dad and Grandma. It was just like watching a human family through glass. So funny.

 All through the zoo you get views of the city like this, really a lovely outing.

 So that was Sydney and now we are off to the green and gold, palms, sunshine and tropical fruit.