Earth Science Excursion

 Today we visited UWA in Perth, the Earth Science Museum actually.
We have been looking at different types of rocks and minerals and the Earth in our PACE books, so we decided to take a look at the Museum and we enjoyed our day very much.
We even saw a fossilised Mammoth tooth! 
John the curator was very helpful and had answers to all our questions and even gave us some samples to choose and take home for our collection.
We had a snack in the sunken garden and checked the time on the sundial.
Lunch in Cottesloe Beach and then it was time for home.

Friday Afternoon Beach Walk

Crochet Soft Toys

I have been making triangles and so I stitched 4 triangles together to form a geometric toy and with a rectangle a triangle makes a great little house.

Sunday Lunch

 Today we had friends for lunch and oh how lovely the afternoon was.
We (P) baked some bread, roasted some tomatoes and capsicums, had goats feta and and Italian meats for an antipasti, Thai marinated lamb salad and macaroons and Five Senses Coffee for afterwards of course. 

Am loving fresh Basil in the kitchen!

Strawberry Macaroons

Today I made strawberry macaroons for Sunday lunch with friends.
The filling is swiss buttercream with chopped up strawberries, I whisked these in at the final stage.
The macaroons are vanilla flavour with a little pink powdered food colouring (the one used for white chocolate).

Strong Verbs

We are still working on our writing skills with the help of the Razzle Dazzle writing book and on our blackboard today we have Strong verb v's Weak verb.

Olympic Games and Ancient Greece

 Today we started looking at Ancient Greece. 
I thought it would be a good idea to start with the Olympics and since we are only a few weeks away from seeing the Opening Ceremony, we made a torch and ran around the ancient stadium (imagination required here) and lit the cauldron (or letterbox).

Mini Crochet Bunting

Some things I have been working on-
Crochet mini flags and Clay marionettes.

A Chocolate Package from Paris

This lovely bag of chocolates arrived today...all the way from Paris!
Thanks Nanny and Poppy.
(this would not have lasted if I had bought them in Paris)

Drawing Whales and Dolphins

By J.

Show Don't Tell - Writing Target Skill

 We are still following the Razzle Dazzle Writing book by Melissa Forney and today was the "Show don't tell" lesson for our writing books.
It is all about painting a picture with words, showing what is happening is much more interesting for the reader.
These photos we have stuck into our writing books to remind us to SHOW and NOT TELL. 
We also did quite a bit at acting. It helped define exactly what we wanted to show in our piece of writing, for example; describing what your face would look like if your iguana had just got away, or you are drinking a warm hot chocolate on a chilly day. 
It was very helpful I think.

Fishing for Seaweed

 No luck today with fishing, however Sparky the dolphin had no trouble on the outgoing tide. We just hooked up on plenty of weed.