Autumn Leaves

Where we live it is sometimes difficult to find an Autumn leaf tree, however we do have a persimmon tree across the road, which now stands out in the street after putting on an Autumn show.

Childrens Festival Noosa

 On the weekend we went to a children's festival at Noosa Pengari Steiner School. Not quite the normal school Fete or Fair, which is refreshing. No unhealthy food or soft drinks, just homemade cakes and food with fresh produce to buy and handmade crafts. Lots of different activities like unicycle lessons, felt making, clay and woodworking. The music was a pleasure to listen to (ie Darren Percival and Alys Longmate) and the grounds natural and welcoming.

 All the boys wanted to do woodworking, so for $2 they both searched for wood, hammered and nailed, and made planes (with some assistance from DAD of course).

A nice day out.

Green Aliens and Science Club

 These are the green Aliens caught here eating our tomato plants!
 At Science Club this week, we are looking at the role of leaves and Photosynthesis. Here we have a test tube and a pond plant upside down in a water bottle, placed in the sun, watching for gas bubbles on the leaves.
Below we have put radish seeds on a wet paper towel and covered with tubes of different coloured cellophane, to watch and see what effects the different light has on the seeds.

Whole Lemon Tarts

Recently I visited the Noosa International Food and Wine Festival and what a great festival it is!
Great chefs, good quality food, new products and loads of demonstrations.
I sat in on a demonstration by Valli Little and Kitchen Aid, she was making tart shells and fillings. The one that caught my attention was the lemon tart filling using a whole lemon in the blender.
I didn't have her recipe (a new book coming out soon), however I attempted the filling and was quite happy with it. It is very easy putting the whole (sliced and seeded) lemon, sugar, butter, eggs, cornflour in the blender/processor. The sweet biscuit base was a bit thick because I didn't get it in the patty tins thin enough, however it was buttery and crisp and the lime rind I added was nice also. Something to work on again.

Recycled Tshirt Crochet Floor Rug

 What to do when some moths have had a feast on your old Tshirts, or you have ripped one, or stained one and they are just not good enough to send to the good will store?
Make a floor rug!
I have seen these on the web, I also have a crochet book that uses string and all sorts of materials, so I decided to try one.
I cut the strips out of my old Tshirts, rolled them (I did them loosely) and began to crochet around them with alternating wool. It is rustic but very warm to step on and I think the colours work well.
Quite happy overall with the finished product. It made good use of something that would otherwise turn into rags.

Mothers Day Treats

Today I was treated to some lovely handmade cards, some home magazines, some wool! and a relaxing day.
Dad made chocolate souffles, and the boys treated me to a home made foot scrub out on the deck chair (Recipe for that was... salt, sugar, oats, honey, coconut oil and olive oil and it works really well).

 I made a rocky road treat from our Venchi 75% dark chocolate bar melted with pure hazelnut butter, mixed in marshmallows, cherries, sugared almonds, shredded coconut. Yum.

Mothers Day

Art this Week - Chalk, ink and Book Paper

 This week we did a quick ink and chalk pastel activity.
We used old book pages, chalk pastels and ink pens.
Just draw whatever you like!
(by J, Nanny and H)

Science Club

 This term we joined a local science club/activity group and so far we have been learning about Botany and the scientific method.
We have looked at how to classify and the inner parts of different seed types and what their roles are, we used microscopes to draw what we saw and we planted the seeds and recorded what we observed.
We also made paper pots and replanted our seedlings.
This week we are looking at what the plants need to survive and comparing fertilised/unfertilised marigolds and growth rates.
 Speaking of growth rates...our passionfruit seedlings are growing toooo fast!

Activity Day May

 At activity day this month we looked at chess skills, robotics and science.

The view from Montville

Montville is up in the hills of the Sunshine Coast and delivers wonderful views to the coast on a platter.
You can find plenty of timber work in a rainforest setting, a restaurant and log cabins at Secrets on the Lake.

Dinner on Noosa Beach

It was Dads birthday and we decided on a dinner by the beach for a present this year.
Noosa Beach is one of my favourite beaches and at sunset on a still afternoon it is glorious. To top it off... a table only metres from the sand!