Drawing and POP Art

 I saw these soup cans in the store and thought they would make good pencil holders after being cleaned out.
Now we have some regular drawing happening.
(by J.)
 View from my window, By J.

Clay and Pond Play

 The pond is getting a good work out and the fish are experts at being caught and thrown back in. We are finding some strange looking critters in this pond!
At the back of the yard we have clay, clay and more clay. In fact we have so much clay that we are going to make a wood fired oven out of it!

Digging is happening in the garden also...well actually we have made our first "no dig" garden bed, but more on that later.

 And when there is no digging or fishing going on, there is plenty of bike riding at the moment.

Moving and Renovating

 We have been moving in to our new (old) house over the past few weeks. It is a small house on acreage in the hinterland of Noosa, a beautiful place to make our own (with a bit of elbow grease).
We are renovating the whole house, which will take a little while. At the moment we are enjoying going through the boxes and finding places for everything (amongst other things). 
Perhaps there will be a new blog for the story of our new home, a new journey.
We will just have to wait and see...

Adventures in the Backyard

Mud sludging, netting fish and wagon pulling.

 Duck feeding of Ding and Daffy our resident ducks.
 Bird watching.
 Making a recycled Bird feeder (designed by H).

A Walk Through Our Garden Today

The lawn garden.
 The rock garden.
 The tall tree garden.
 The colourful garden.
 The banana garden.
 The bamboo walkway garden.

 The pineapple and frangipane garden in progress.
 The driveway canopy garden.
 Monets' waterlily pond garden...ok not quite, but imagine that is what it could look like.
Thanks to Nanny and the boys are gardens are starting to get a new lease of life and are a pleasure to walk around.

Our New House

This week we have moved to our new house and with the wonderful help of Nanny and Poppy we started renovating and cleaning the garden (all 1.2 acres of them). There have been some surprises and these are just a few of the treasures we have found...

This old grinder seems to be from the late 1800 early 1900's.

Just stepped out for a while

I am up to my eyeballs in paint...literally!
We are moving house.
Back soon with pics!