Author Talks and Science Class

 Today we met up with our Distance education school to participate
in an Author talk by Dave Lowe and a science experiment all to do with
What happens  to your vegemite sandwich after lunch!

ANZAC DAY 100 Years on

 This year, 
One hundred years on,
Some that marched, 
Now were gone,
The sun did rise,
This is our prize, 
And as the old war birds fly, 
We were reminded,
Of our people,
 And of days gone by. 

ANZAC Day Red Poppy Art

 By J.
These were done by the boys using watercolour and ink.

We also made paper cupcake liners into red poppy flowers.

Art this Week

 Friday afternoon art, a cherry tree by H in watercolour.
I can really see an improvement in his art this last year, I love the trunk of the tree.
He also did this quick bird...

This was my attempt.

Science Seed Experiment

 H has planted some cress seeds for science.
He is learning how to report science results.


Helga looks cold...
 she has lost her mittens.
I had plans to add bright red gloves and some buttons to this felt doll, 
but not sure.

Snubby our Resident Koala

On the Weekend, as we were banging and screwing in nails
down at the shed, 
little did we know that above the chicken house behind us was a 
sleeping Koala.
Yay, Yay, Yay!
 J had his binoculars out and spotted Snubby from afar.
We are all so happy to have a koala in our backyard and we hope he stays a while.
I think the chickens were clucking him to sleep.
I hope that tiny branch holds.
(ps. we do not know if it is a boy or a girl actually)

A Lesson in Compromise

Two brothers, two ideas, but one Lego City, means 
much compromise and plenty working together!

Afternoon Play

 I myself would enjoy playing with Matchbox cars outside when I was a wee Miss.
It is much nicer when the afternoon sun is low 
and not 30 plus degrees scorching your face.
This time of year we tend to spend more time outside.
Tree stumps have plenty of uses.

First Aid

 Today the boys (and I) attended a First Aid Course.
It was very good and included all the basics 
and what to do in an Emergency.
We also learned how to treat the nasty insect, snake, jellyfish 
stings and bites, that are all to common in this lovely wild country we live in.
Some we didn't know!
Chest compressions and how to use a defibrillator...

 All besides the Noosa River.
Hopefully we never need to use what we have learned,
but it feels better knowing we have some knowledge on the subject.

Felting Fun

 This is my Felted clown doll with moveable parts.
It was inspired by the beautiful Maileg toys.
 The hearts are quick to make and tied into a garland look cute I think.

A Big Bellied Little Bear

I needle felted this bear last night.
He has eaten way too many berries.
The head was inspired by another bear and the body just evolved.
I am looking forward to bringing more of my sketches to life.


Today I dragged the boys away from reading  
(we have been to the Library twice in one week and filled two bags each time!)
to visit Coolum Beach and our favourite Peregian Beach.

More Needle Felting

 I am working on some more Felt friends and experimenting with techniques.

 The cartoon like characters are fun.
Next on the to do list, a doll with moving limbs...

New Business - The Happy Hen

H is starting a little business...selling our eggs!
He took six to a neighbour for a free trial.
He also made a little flyer...
  He may not sell many eggs, but it will be fun trying.
This is Molly, the favourite, she is the smallest and gets pecked on by
Missy, the bossy lady.


We are very fortunate to have good friends that are extremely generous 
with their time and more than happy to share ideas, thoughts and skills.
I had never done felting before and this week 
two friends offered to help me learn this new craft.
The lovely acorns above were made by a friend 
(we are searching for acorns by the way, not easy to find in QLD!)
and today I made this owl character, rather quickly,
yes he looks like he is hatching a scheme to steel the eggs!
I now have a stash of wool, and up until three hours ago, I had a felting needle.
I was warned that I would need a few, now I know why.
I learned many techniques and helped H make this penguin and fish...

Another friend showed me the wet felting technique, 
which I am not quite sure I managed to master...
Practice makes perfect!

Easter 2015


End of Term Afternoon Tea

Today we had friends over for afternoon tea and egg hunt.
We have lovely friends who are also very talented in many different ways.
We were gifted this wreath with hand felted eggs 
and another friend made hand felted chicks for all the children.

 We shared goodies and special treats...

We managed to hide some eggs in between down pours.

 The children (all 15 of them) sat and played happily under the tin roof 
and enjoyed each others company.

 We are thankful for our friends.