School Art Assignment - Term 2

J has been studying symbols, text and lettering and how they are
used for advertising and in history.
This is his assignment piece which was to tell something about himself.

Procrastinating About Art

 The Path, acrylic on canvas.
I have been procrastinating forever about doing some art for a space on the wall in the living area, I had too many ideas, too many concerns such as, 
what if I waste the canvas?
Today I just started something... a tree lined path.
 I only used black paint and a business card after I painted 
the background in the mustard colour.
I am not sure I am happy with every component, however I am fairly happy with the 
trees and the abstract look of the path and the clear space in the background.
I enjoyed creating it and... 
that is what art is about.

This  is an experiment in using one colour, different tones 
of acrylic and a palette knife. 
It didn't work out,
 clearly I have not got the mouth and face in proportion.
Oh well, it was also a learning experience.

CoderDojo at the Library

A friend mentioned they were going to CoderDojo to learn some computer coding, 
I said Huh?
But it sounded good and was free!
So we are going along for five weeks to learn some coding and animation skills,
which will be useful for the school assignments, 
(now that everyone is using powerpoint and animations etc).
I know absolutely nothing, except for the tiny amount of drag and drop we do
with the Lego Mindstorm Robot and it is not high on my list of things to learn.
I am sure Dad will enjoy going to this class whilst I have a coffee and do something else
 a little more hands on.

Electroplating at Science Club

 This last Friday at Science Club with Dr Joe we discussed
the Periodic Table of Elements and
electroplating, before trying it ourselves!
We used Copper Sulphate, water, 20 cent piece, some wire, pegs and batteries and waited.
(The boys actually set the the system up in reverse at first and stripped the coin,
 but that was just as interesting and the lesson was learned)

Party Time for Feathered Friends

On the weekend the boys made a garden for the ladies
in the chicken run.
We planted a lime tree and some flowers that looked lovely, until...
the ladies thought they would have a party and eat every last leaf and purple flower!!
Luckily the blueberry and lime have survived.

The ladies loved mixing and digging up the compost as the boys wheeled it in.
Hopefully we will find something the girls don't like to eat
and add some more plants soon. 

Mothers Day

(Clay sculptures made by the boys at Leonie Rhodes Class this week)
Today the boys made Nanny and myself lovely cards for mothers Day.
We had Eggs Benedict for breakfast
Woodfired Pizza for dinner
Amo Gelati from Noosaville.
We also spent some of the day building a rock wall from repurposed rocks.
Other than the handmade cards,
 the special gift was having the Studio complete and available for use...
It comes complete with a painting corner.
 A crafty corner...
A sewing corner...
An inspiring drawing/working space with a pegboard ready to be filled...

Plenty of wall space for photos and pictures that inspire...
 Three large wall to ceiling cupboards with organised shelves...
Room for fabric...
 With room for friends to come and share in the creativity...

 Thank you, it is Exceptional!

Birthday Lunch

 The boys took Dad out for his birthday lunch 
(Embassy XO Yum Cha banquet)
Made a card 
and a banana pecan cake with butterscotch sauce and ice cream
as requested.
Luckily H was having a hungry day!
Happy forty something birthday Dad!

More Felt Land Friends

Some friends.
The rabbit does look like a donkey.