Noosa National Park - Saturday Stroll

Saturday morning was filled with learning about writing a memoir.
We attended a session with friends, and afterwards had a coffee.
Then decided it was such a perfect day for a stroll around the Noosa National Park.

Beautiful weather as always.

Our first Science Fair!
We had lots of fun and learned plenty.
Friends put so much effort into their projects.
Thanks to all!

The boys did a reef presentation and talked about coral bleaching, 
climate change and the Zoox.

We had a look at decomposition.


Home made pendulums.

Colour, fat, water chemistry.

Pigmy Pythons!

Replicas of volcanoes.

We needed an explosion of course!
Wow! what fun.

Fermenting Class

This week we attended a natural fermenting class.
We tried Quark, fermented butter making, fermented fruit paste and many other things.
We made our own fermented cabbage and sourdough bread.

First Aid Course

Each term we do aFirst Aid  class.
This one was on responding to an emergency, 
how to work out what might be wrong with the patient,
what to do and what not to do.

Science Club

This past few weeks at science club  (Astronomy) we...
Studied the solar system, light in space and gravity on various planets (using Excel).

Our science club teacher is amazing.

Local Observatory Visit

We recently visited a local observatory.
All rugged up for night time viewing of the planets.
Through the many telescopes we saw Saturn and Pluto.
Learned how to find our way by the stars and saw meteors and satellites.

Geography Research Project - Noosa Woodlands

The serious researcher, taking notes, drawing sketchmaps
and the little brother wanting to pose for photos.

and more...

and cartwheels...

Then we headed off to Pomona and the Noosa Museum to
look for old photos and information.
Time to send a message by morse code...

Now off to collate what we have discovered and learned.

Mothers Day Tapas

This year I had a lovely poached egg and smoked salmon breakfast prepared for me
and received beautiful handmade cards.

Then we started preparing for our Tapas party around the wood fired oven with friends.
The food everyone shared was absolutely amazing
and I received some very thoughtful and special gifts!

These tasted as good as they looked!
I didn't get a chance to take photos of everything else...
there was too much to eat!
Thank you friends for sharing a lovely day.